4 amazing and fun activities to do in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires could just be another beautiful city to visit or it could turn into an amazing thematic park. It all depends on how you choose to explore it. You may very well decide to go to its main highlights: Puerto Madero, Caminito, Plaza de los Congresos and Obelisco (all worth seeing) but you should also save some time to let the child within you have some fun.

Juegos Mentales  (Mental Games). The place is located in San Telmo and offers you the option to participate in a thrilling live escape game. There are two possible scenarios: a museum, where you have to dismantle an alarm and rob a unique statue; and the psychiatric ward where the objective is to find a way out. In both cases the player has to solve, within an hour, some puzzles and look for hidden clues in the room.  For more information and reservations visit Juegos Mentales

Juegos mentales3

Juegos mentales2

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The Break Club. The traffic is horrible, everything is upside down and nothing seems to go as planned. By the end of the day you feel like smashing every item you have in your house. Who hasn´t experienced something like this? You want to vent out your rage but you repress yourself simply because you don´t want to get into trouble and, also, because you know it would be extremely expensive to refurbish your house. But dreams may come true. You may very well destroy everything and feel relaxed. Where? In the Break Club. The place, which is located in Palermo, offers you the chance to smash a TV, a computer and anything you come across in the rage room. You are provided with a baseball bat and proper protection to carry out this task. Once you´ve accomplished your goal, you can relax on a sofa while listening to soft music. A great way to reduce stress. Visit The Break Club to find out prices and book a place.

The break club

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Visit the city by tram. You don´t need  to take Dr. Emmett Brown´s time machine to go back almost a hundred years ago. Every Saturday at 3 p.m you can take the tram in Caballito and feel what it was like to travel in this sort of small train with open windows that let you take in as much air as you can. This means of transport was first inaugurated in Buenos Aires in 1863. It was a horse-drawn line that joined Retiro with Plaza de Mayo. Electricity helped transform the trams into “modern trains” by the end of the 19th Century.  By the 1920´s there were 875 kilometers of tracks, over 3000 vehicles and about 650 million passengers were transported every year. The trams ran up until 1962. It was the end of an era. They were considered obsolete and too expensive to be kept. The city already had buses and a line of underground trams, better known as subway which seemed to be enough. There is now this short version of tram that runs in Caballito. It leaves from Del Barco Centenera y Rivadavia. This is a free activity and it´s suspended in case of rain. To book a place call 4121-6627 or send an e-mail at: visitasguiadas_entur@buenosaires.gob.ar

Tranvía imperial (AGP)

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Teatro ciego (Blind Theatre). The place, located in Abasto, offers you a blind theatre experience in a completely darkened room. To get into the place, the audience has to form a sort of train in which each person holds the shoulder of the one standing next to him/her in the line. In this way they are led, by the usher, into the room where you´ll have the chance to experience the show through all your senses except for, of course, your sight.  One of the shows, A ciegas con luz, combines the telling of stories with a gourmet experience. You´ll be taken to a table where you´ll have dinner in complete darkness. Every now and then, water or wine is poured into your glasses. Once the meal is over, the show begins. You have to let the surrounding sounds and smells transport you wherever it takes. for more information: Teatro Ciego.


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