Tresor hostel, the best place to stay in Ljubljana

Hostel Tresor

Are you looking for a good, modern, cool and well located hostel in Ljubljana? Then Tresor hostel is the place you should be heading to. We got there after reading a great review from some friends and we were not disappointed in the least!

The hostel is right in the center and therefore it´s walking distance from the main tourist attractions. This is great as you won´t need to spend much money on public transportation and that´s always good news, as buses are quite expensive. Also, there are great fast food restaurants, bars and bakeries nearby. The market, which is open from 8 to 9 p.m, is just next door and Mc Donald´s only 5 minutes away.

Hotel Tresor4

The rooms are big, neat and nicely decorated. The place used to be a bank and has been fully refurbished with the best of tastes: there are messages written on the wall, all of which are related to the (good or bad) relationship between men, money and happiness; there are safety boxes in some of the hallways and the place where you get breakfast is the former vault.  Somehow the financial spirit of the building is present but from a completely different perspective, as all the phrases and aesthetics of the place invites you to ponder on the power money can exert on one´s life and choices. Is your freedom restrained by money or not? That´s one of the many questions you´ll make yourself after taking a visual tour of the quotes on the wall.

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There are no private bathrooms and all the rooms have to share these facilities but that is not a problem because there are many bathrooms in the different floors. Besides, the toilets and showers are in separate rooms so that gives you an extra degree of privacy. Something worth pointing out: the bathrooms are nice and clean!

Hotel Tresor4

The staff is really open, flexible and helpful. We were given great pieces of advice about how to move around in the city and places to visit. There good attitude creates a good and relaxed atmosphere. All in all, this hostel is among the best places we have stayed in and would definitely recommend it to anyone. Here´s a summary of all its advantages

*The hostel is very well located, right in the center of the city and it´s walking distance from the main tourist attractions.

*The wi fi works really well

*The rooms are clean, big and comfortable

*It has a reasonable price

*The staff is flexible, nice and helpful

*There are many bathrooms in every floor and they are all very clean.

*The place is nicely decorated

*The breakfast is yummy!