Ways to travel for free

  We have all heard about travelers who swear they have been travelling for free, for years on end. It all sounds quite far-fetched. But, if you listen to their stories in detail you will realize that yes, it is quite possible to move around the world without spending money. Or at least great sums […]

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Tresor hostel, the best place to stay in Ljubljana

Are you looking for a good, modern, cool and well located hostel in Ljubljana? Then Tresor hostel is the place you should be heading to. We got there after reading a great review from some friends and we were not disappointed in the least! The hostel is right in the center and therefore it´s walking […]

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4 amazing and fun activities to do in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires could just be another beautiful city to visit or it could turn into an amazing thematic park. It all depends on how you choose to explore it. You may very well decide to go to its main highlights: Puerto Madero, Caminito, Plaza de los Congresos and Obelisco (all worth seeing) but you should […]

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